My name is Charles Eliot Pierce III, but I prefer to just go by Eliot. 

Currently, I am a consultant based in New York who focuses on helping teams build and grow businesses. The majority of my clients have been media companies, though I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of clients in a variety of industries such as retail, healthcare.

Previously, I was the Chief Product Officer of the New Republic where I spent a little over a year trying to turn that illustrious and infamous publication around, and was bummed that it was cut too short. 

Prior to the New Republic, I was a digital media consultant who helped companies grow their revenue and audience by focusing on developing amazing products. I worked for Bloomberg for a quick year helping them develop and launch Bloomberg Politics and With All Due Respect.

I was also the Founder of Golfslope which helped golfers play private golf courses and created a new revenue stream for private golf clubs. 

I worked at The New York Times for nine years on a wide variety of their digital initiatives — email, crosswords, paid content, business development, strategy and ad operations.

Personally, I live in New York with my wife Torrey, and two our daughters Alice and Summer.

Athletically, I ran the NYC Marathon twice in 2010 and 2011, and climbed Denali, aka Mt. McKinley, in 1994 with NOLS. I am a passionate golfer and boogie boarder.

Finally, for what it is worth my last name is pronounced “Purse”. While I will always introduce myself as Eliot "Purse" I will never correct someone if they call me Eliot "Pierce," like when you get your ear pierced.

If you have gotten this far, please reach out and say hi -- I promise to back get to you.